Why would I use Wechselsport shirts over regular kits on the market?

Wechselsport reversible shirts offer the convenience of having a home and away kit in one single layer shirt, so teams no longer need to have two separate kits. Additionally, they can be worn in training sessions, avoiding any need for players to wear bibs/pinnies in the training drills or small-sided games, as they can simply switch their shirts around quickly.

I’ve used reversible kits before and found them quite thick and heavy, how do Wechselsport reversible kits differ?

Wechselsport reversible kits are unlike any others on the market and are at the forefront of reversible shirt technology. They are made from a single layer, lightweight, breathable, 4-way stretch fabric, perfect for top level sporting performance. Reversible shirts in the past have been made from two shirts sewn together, to create the reversible shirt effect. As a result, these shirts were very heavy, particularly when wet in the rain and did not keep their shape well. Wechselsport have transformed reversible shirts for the modern-day footballer, using cutting edge technology.

Are there additional costs to adding your club badge, team sponsor and numbers to your kit?

The cost of Wechselsport kits includes your club badges, sponsors and numbering, so there is no additional charge for this. We know how annoying these additional costs are, so here at Wechselsport we want to ensure that you know your team’s kit cost from the outset, with no extra fees for making your kit bespoke to your club.

How long will my team’s kit take to arrive from the point of order on your website?

All Wechselsport kits are made completely bespoke for our customers, using the specific kit design and home/away colours that you have chosen, with your club badge, sponsor and squad numbering. Due to this it means your order will take between 4-6 weeks to complete, once payment has been received. The Wechselsport team will notify you when your club's kit is leaving our Head Office and will be received.